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Yeovil Dental PracticeYeovil Dental Practice
2.6 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Rach CoopsRach Coops

Just called to book an appointment and was told I had an outstanding balance of £3.10? I asked what this was for as the receptionist said I had to pay now. She said probably a toothbrush or something small.. . I replied I have never purchased anything from you. She said she would still need to take payment before she could book my appointment as I would still have to pay the outstanding? I said I'm not paying for something I haven't had. Tell me what its for? She said she would speak to the manager. I said great. 1min later she comes back... asks if i want to book my appointment and that I would have to pay the 3.10 when i came in. I said im not paying until i know what it is for??? Hence no appointment?!?! Hopefully the manager will call me?! Imagine if we all paid £3.10 for something we have never had or know what its for!! Crazy..

Just to confirm the manager did phone me back and the amount of £3.10 was apparently a fee from 2014?! so was disregarded. And an apology was made... I have since had my appointment, a tooth extraction! And everything went smoothly. 🙂 so happy days

Eva HoffmanEva Hoffman

Extremely pleased with dr K Divakov's professional support. Also I wish to say I am very impressed with his initiative to familiarise children with dental surgery. Thank you very much ! Eva Hoffman

Tommy KnockersTommy Knockers

Horrendous experience here.
Needed a route canal the dentist told me he could not preform it and handed me some sensitive toothpaste and sent me on my way.
Don’t go there

Mel JefferiesMel Jefferies

Avoid. .. injected my son with Sodium Hypochlorite along with anesthetic and had to rush him to Taunton hospital after a phone call from Dentist 7 HRS after treatment!!!!!!!!!

Rachel BuckleyRachel Buckley

I have just called to register and book an appointment as I have a chipped tooth. The girl on the phone was very friendly and helpful while taking my details. They had a large availability of appointments so I could easily chose one that suited my working hours. Very professional so far!

Kristie BrownKristie Brown

Iv only given 1* because there is no option for 0* please do not use this dentist

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Stephanie GoodmanStephanie Goodman

I have to leave a review sbout what Avi (Avinash Patole) has done for me, my smile and my self esteem. I've always had 2 front teeth that I've hated. Even though I had braces as a child they are still too big and they stuck out. A few years back I developed localised gum disease and one of these teeth had started to wobble. I visited another dentist who told me point blank it would have to be removed and a denture put in. I wasn't happy about this - after all why would I pay over £200 Just for my teeth to be as ugly as before? I went to see Avi for a second opinion and he sorted it so that I could keep the tooth in as long as possible. This was fine until recently and now Avi has removed both the yukky teeth and has put in a beautiful new temporary denture so for the first time in years I can smile!

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Lisa MantaLisa Manta
Mickaël RoguezMickaël Roguez